A journey through my racing career so far...



My dad bought me a ministox which was something I`d always wanted to do ever since I started watching it. My first year was tough with it being so competitive and I had a massive rollover on my 3rd meeting, lots of damage occurred but me and my dad worked endlessly to get it ready for the next meeting.



Dad found a stronger car and we decided to buy it. The car was much better and was set up well for the track, I achieved a few wins and podiums throughout the season and overall finished 4th.



This year I was determined I could do well, I`d spoke to lots of racers and got advice on the track, this year I finished as the championship winner.


I entered the season starting behind all competitors and to start of it was tough, but I had a big hope of taking home the silver top title as well as gold. Pushing hard, I managed to secure the gold top and take home the silver roof.



A new challenge. Now I`d done all I could in minis I entered the JSCC Scholarship and made it to the final 5 which was very close, unfortunately I just missed out but I would like racing to be my career when I'm older so we bought a car. We had a few ups and downs, it was a rookie year we didn’t know anything about the cars so we were pleased to do what we did. In the minis I did what I could and managed to take home the points title and silver top!



After rebuilding my car we entered the JSCC again for 2020 season. Starting the year with a few DNFs I was eager to show what I was made of. We had many top 8 finishes and even two podiums! We finished the season 10th in the driver standings